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Doyle: Loons transfer window disappoints, grades club a C-

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLS Secondary Transfer Window fading into the rear view mirror, it’s high time for a few hot takes about how the window went for Minnesota United. analyst Matthew Doyle is the latest to toss his hat into the ring, grading the Loons’ window a paltry C-.

Is Finlay really worth more allocation cash than Dax McCarty was? The answer from MNUFC's front office was a solid "yes," which is… bold. Finlay's a good player who can help the Loons, but $425,000 in allocation cash for him is a lot, especially since this is a team with a bunch of other winger options (though it's clear at this point that Adrian Heath doesn't really rate Miguel Ibarra, which I think is a mistake).

Doyle may be high on Miguel but it’s increasingly clear that head coach Adrian Heath is not. The addition of a million wingers this window is a clear move to burry Ibarra on the depth chart.

Will Ethan Finlay pan out? Probably. He’s been solid in Columbs and has had streaks of world-beating brilliance in the past. He a classic “high floor, high ceiling” player. Not too risky, but just enough upside to justify the heft price tag.

But MNUFC didn't really get younger, and they didn't really get better in a couple of spots where they needed it (backline, mostly), and it doesn't feel like they're appreciably closer to having a winning core for next season.

The only good news from Doyle? Atlanta United join us in the dregs with a C+ grade.

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