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[Rueter] Minnesota United to sign winger Jose Leitón

The dynamic player is a spry 24-years-old and looks to join before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

Minnesota United are about to close a deal for a young winger out of Central America, according to a media report.

Call it “The Year of the Tico” because Jeff Rueter is reporting that the Loons are about to sign yet another Costa Rican.

Rueter’s report comes just hours after the Pioneer Press’s Andy Greder broke the news that the club was looking to sign a midfielder out of Central America.

24-year-old winger Jose Leitón is a dynamic player with the ability to play at both the left midfield - where he primarily slots in - and left back positions, according to Rueter.

Rueter went on to highlight a few of the player’s bona fides.

The left-footed winger has bounced between a few Costa Rican clubs but is still young at 24. His age is perhaps the biggest cause for optimism among the Loons faithful as he will have time to grow and develop at the club and likely come at a reasonable price.

At first glance, Leitón has no serious injury history, which is another massive plus for a Minnesota side looking to bail itself out of a depth crisis cause by thin personnel at key positions and a rash of injuries.

We’ll have more on this transfer as it develops.