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Help Jamie Watson Support Special Olympics Minnesota Today!

100% of ICEE sales go directly towards Special Olympics Minnesota today!

My SuperAmerica on Twitter

Minnesota United sideline reporter Jamie Watson has partnered with Special Olympics Minnesota to bring everyone brain freeze for a great cause.

Today (Wednesday, August 9th) 100% of every ICEE purchase at any SuperAmerica across the state will go directly to Special Olympics Minnesota. That’s it. It’s easy as that. Buy an ICEE, support Special Olympics, get a brainfreeze, maybe post a tweet or two.

The proceeds go a long way supporting all of the great Special Olympics Minnesota programs.

Helpful guide to where your money goes from Special Olympics Minnesota
Special Olympics Minnesota

One such program is the Minnesota United Unified Team that took on Houston Dynamo’s Unified Team earlier this season. The team will travel to Houston with the team on September 30th in a rematch after the clubs’ match. Minnesota United has pulled out all the stops for the Unified athletes, and supporters provided an amazing atmosphere for their first match.

So stop in, buy an ICEE or ten and support so many great athletes across the state of Minnesota!