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Results: E Pluribus Choose-Em Round 15

Optimism pays off, eh?

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

That was a pretty good win, and our competitors did pretty well too. Chicorychick is still atop the table:

Choose-Em Round 15

Player Total Score
Player Total Score
Chicorychick 173
FootballorFutbol? 171
Nebraska_Loon 169
noobFC 169
CMParkhurst 162
mark2309 159
mnBlack&Blue4ever 140
MNWildcat 122
Kyle Carr 119
markgoody 117
mattydisc13 117
MattyH17 63
robblerouser 57
trynovar 46
Timber Dome 43
BattletheAttl 18
Wiscoloon 10
Long tuba 9

See y’all on Thursday!