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The Pets of Minnesota United

It turns out dogs are pretty popular...and sharks?

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League - Anfield
A young pup from Liverpool has been linked with the Loons.
Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images

This is probably the most important journalism we’ll ever do.

We put the call out on our Twitter page a few nights ago for questions we should ask Minnesota United players at Saturday’s training session, and we struck gold:

And so we embarked on a quest to determine the tastes of Minnesota United’s players when it comes to lovable animals.

It turns out dogs are pretty popular among the Loons. Wyatt Omsberg has some at home, while Xavier Gomez and Carter Manley would both like one, as long as Manley’s is a husky. Sam Nicholson wouldn’t say no to one either.

Jerome Thiesson’s ideas are a little less mainstream. He took several seconds to think when asked, first coming up with the idea of a shark. But it would be too difficult to fit one in his apartment, so perhaps something more holdable, like a...loon. But no, that would be too difficult because loons need “freedom,” according to Jerry. He decided he needs more time to evaluate his options before he is quoted on what pet he would like to have.

So, let’s give him some options. We’re holding a weeklong contest to find the best pet in the Minnesota United fanbase. Here’s how to participate:

  • Snap a pic of your pet (or any pet really, just get permission if it’s not yours) repping MNUFC and looking as adorable as possible.
  • Post it to Twitter using the hashtag #APetForJerry in the next week, or DM it to us.
  • We’ll pick our favorite, and that pet will become an instant celebrity.