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Watch: Golazo from kickoff settles Minnesota high school state championship game

Blake’s Keegan James secured the trophy for his school with a stunner.

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

There are goals, and then there are GOOOOOOOOLs.

Darwin Quintero showed a share of them to Minnesota United fans, but Minnesotans were treated to a show-stopper golazo in a high school state championship game:

Keegan James from Blake scored this one on Friday. It’s a straight-up golazo.

Look, scoring from the halfway line is cool. Scoring directly off of a kickoff is even cooler.

But it was the circumstances of this goal that make it one of the greatest. After playing to a scoreless draw in regulation, Blake and Bemidji were headed into overtime, at least until this kick both started an ended things.

By the way, this goal gave Blake the championship.