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Thank You, Minnesota

You welcomed my family and me with open arms.

Jerome Theisson
Jerome Theisson during Minnesota United’s 2-1 victory over the Houston Dynamo
Tim C McLaughlin

Editor’s Note: When we at E Pluribus Loonum found out that fullback Jérôme Thiesson would not be returning to Minnesota United next year, our reaction was one of collective disappointment. United would be losing a true class act, but we also knew that Jerry would miss Minnesota too.

We reached out to Jerry as soon as his departure was official, offering him the opportunity to bid an extended farewell to Loons fans on our site (a video farewell can be found here). Below is his “goodbye letter,” though, I think, Jerry doesn’t plan for it to be a “‘goodbye’ goodbye.”

Unfortunately, we are unable to display the emojis Jerry originally included in his draft.


The one thing that pained me maybe most about leaving MN was that I knew but couldn’t tell as I had to wait for it to become official. So while I was packing up my apartment, visiting my last Timberwolves game, walking down Nicollet Mall for the last time, I felt the urge to tell it. Not because I was hoping to get a nice feedback but because... hmm how should I explain? Imagine you get an invitation by somebody, go there, meet this person for the first time but you get welcomed warm hearted (even though it’s pretty cold outside), every thing you could ask for is provided and the person offers you more and more! You feel so comfortable you’ll address every question or problem, and even though the host still don’t know you (or for a very short time) he/she‘d do everything to help you out. This host was MN to me/us! It was our neighbours, the lady working at the bank, the waitress at the coffeshop, the guy walking his dog and last but not least the MNUFC fans and people working at the club. In my opinion, as this guest, the least you can do before leaving is: you shake that host hand, look her/him in the eye and just have a proper goodbye that shows a little bit of appreciation. (And that’s the least, I would want to hug this out)

I know it’s only a gesture/formality but an important one to me.

Therefore I‘m happy I did at least that video and now that E Pluribus Loonum asked me to write this “goodbye” I‘m grateful for another opportunity, and also want to take that chance to thank everybody for all this unbelievable messages and reactions! As I said I didn‘t expect anything! It was meant to be something from me to you (at least a goodbye) but you turned it into something for me (once again). Sometimes your comments and messages made me nearly like myself no but seriously, I‘m just a little outside back that spent only two years at your amazing place/club and reading your feedback is more rewarding to me than you can imagine! I just can‘t thank you enough.

I will think back at our time in MN a lot! Not only because every time I look at Jago I see a little Minnesotan, not only because my wife and I got MN on our skin (tattoo by the way thanks Shawn at Brass Knuckle Uptown for your awesome work), not only because of all the ‘sota clothing gear or my redwings boots I’ll wear proudly around (wherever I end up) but because MN is simply in my heart! The only thing we didn’t reach in my time that I really wanted were the playoffs. But for the rest I’ll have only positive memories!! I‘m so grateful to soccer, to my agent, to the staff that made me join this club in the first place, they made this adventure possible in the first place.

But before all them I‘m grateful to my in laws and my parents... “letting my wife and I go” meant that they would miss a loooot of Jago time... birth, first steps... but all they wanted was us to chase after a lifetime adventure and our dreams. Thanks to MN we made that happen and even more. Even my mum, who’s scared of flying made it on the long plane trip twice! Guess what: she loves MN nearly as much as we do!

And even before them I have to thank my wife! She quit a job she loved, at a place she loved being pregnant, renouncing to a lot of money, to move to a place we had barely heard of until than, to then give birth for the first time in her live all alone or even worse “alone with me” no mom no sister no childhood friend around. I mean.... what a wife!

So all these people are the reasons why I have a closet packed with amazing memories!

I am actually having a hard time telling you what I liked to do around the twin cities as a simple walk to Target and back was just fuel to my soul walking by the Brits and the Local feeling the love and passion for soccer (and beer) in the air, picking up a small mocha dark chocolate no whip (hahaha all these choices) at Caribou Cafe, seeing these nice smaller and older buildings alongside the tall, impressive, strong looking skyscrapers it was a pleasure every single time! Now imagine my excitement once I got to hang out at a beach/playground around lake Calhoun, walking on the Stonearch bridge over the famous Mississippi. I was the the proudest guy on Earth everytime we had visitours and got to show them all this, the Minnehaha falls or just one of all this lakes. In MN I got to visit my first ever baseball, football, NHL, college football, college hockey game... I love sports generally and MN gave me more that I can ask. Feeling the passion and love from the Minnesotans for their sports teams, how proud you guys are of what comes from the north, how you celebrate your tradition at these events made me just become one: A MN sports fan.

What always stood out, and I know MNUFC fans will hear it a lot and it’s maybe a common thing to say, but “the Wonderwall” is the best feeling ever! On top of the feeling of a victory, having this moment with the team and fans together... it just feels like whole MN is United, so strong and powerful. Something everybody present can share and be part of in a unique way. Just amazing. I can’t describe it... I will always just say “let’s book a flight, go to a game”

Over everything though will always be July 28, 2017 the most beautiful, just the best day there has ever been in my life. It’s just so fitting that my fantastic wife who I got to know so much better and more intense on this adventure gave birth to our healthy and wonderful son in that amazing city.

These are my memories, or even my treasures I took from MN I locked them deep in my heart and thank you all, who ever might read this in the name of my family from the bottom of my heart. A player came and a fan forever left.

I will come back! I will stand in the Wonderwall, one day! Promise

Well... not great of a goodbye.. sorry... I just don’t wanna say “goodbye” goodbye.