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Thoughts on the 2018 Season Ticket Holder Package

Overall, it’s pretty nice, but there could be some improvements.

After months of waiting and being impatient the last few weeks I finally got my 2018 Minnesota United FC Season Ticket Package yesterday.

As It’s been shown on Twitter it seems many (if not most fans) had already received their packages so I was anxiously and jealously awaiting it being delivered to my Mankato home. And while last year had a lot of awesome things in it (which can be found here) the 2018 season ticket package is no slouch.

Once I opened the box everything was neatly packed inside a MNUFC (and Target) branded tote bag, this bag will be helpful for many fans as unlike most other bags it can be taken into the stadium. The small box inside has the ticket book, Itasca Society Membership Card, Match Day Guide, and Itasca Society lapel pin. The box itself has an awesome design on the back and the pin is very similar in design to the coin from last year, which is not a bad thing. The membership card is definitely an upgraded design from 2017 which felt a little plain.

The tickets are also a nice touch with the home opener ticket being itself a larger ticket separate from the book with it’s own design. The rest of the tickets are contained within the booklet. The design on the tickets themselves in too busy for my tastes but having a colored in Minnesota United logo and a black and white opponent logo is a nice touch but doesn’t help it being less busy.

I’d rather see Minnesota United go with a card for season tickets similar to this.

As much as I like physical tickets I’d much rather United go with a plastic card similar to my own AFLW Membership that way rather than having a single ticket for each match they can just scan the card each time you go to a match.

My personal favorite thing included in the package was the banner, which of course can be used as a flag but I have it hanging on my wall. It’s a great touch adding it to the package.

A match day guide is also included and all the FAQ’s for the Loons 2018 season are answered in it, which can be viewed on their website here as well.

With the home opener just a few days away it’s not too late to grab your season tickets for 2018 which will get you a spot in Allianz Field for the 2019 season. Information is available here.