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MNUFC’s Collin Martin comes out as gay

The midfielder is the only openly gay player currently in MLS.

Colin Martin
Colin Martin during Minnesota United’s 2-1 victory over the Houston Dynamo
Tim C McLaughlin

Yesterday we ran our piece detailing what MNUFC players Collin Martin and Eric Miller are doing as part of Playing for Pride. Tonight Minnesota United hosts FC Dallas for the club’s 5th annual Pride Night. We also also had some amazing news come out this morning as Collin Martin announced that he is openly gay.

As Megan Ryan reported earlier today this makes Martin the only actively playing openly gay player in the 5 major men’s sports leagues in the United States.

For myself being a part of the LGBTQ+ community (along with many other people sharing my thought) this is an amazing step towards overall acceptance as well as fighting the homophobia and masculinity problems in sports that Martin’s teammate, Eric Miller, mentioned in his interview with us.