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Live Blog: Minnesota United v New York City FC

Follow along with our press box correspondent as the Loons host the Pigeons.

Minnesota United takes on New York City FC on 9/29/18
Tim C McLaughlin

This post will be updated as the match happens, so check back for highlights and insight! -EH

Full Time

And the Loons hold on! Cue Wonderwall...

90+ minute

NYCFC pulled one back. It certainly looked to be offside, and there was a very long VAR check, but the official awards the goal nonetheless.

77th minute

Collen Warner received his second yellow card of the night, marking the second consecutive match with a send-off for the Loons. It was a needless foul anyway.

Adrian Heath will likely object to the send-off as he had some words for the officials after Warner’s first yellow.

Eric Miller replaced Angelo Rodrigue

68th minute

Believe it or not, Alexi Gomez fired one high and wide. Proof:

62nd minute

Centerbacks Michael Boxall and Brent Kallman have both played very well through the first hour. Kallman’s had two (!) diving headers to break up plays and Boxy’s gotten himself in there as well to keep NYCFC out of the goal. Calvo’s played well on the left and Jerry doesn’t seem to be hampered in any way.

55th minute

The biggest note from the start of the second half is the momentum shift: NYCFC wants to get two goals back, and United look to be content with trying to stop them from doing that. Two questionable fouls have given the visitors two chances on set pieces, but neither went according to plan.

The bus may not be parked yet, but it looks like we’re headed there.

Halftime Takes

I think we can finally say that Angelo Rodriguez has settled in. For those wondering how he compares to Christian Ramirez, A-Rod has scored three, CR21 two.

Rasmus Schuller is also playing well as he gets the start. He’s been working up the field well and distributing nicely.

The back line really needs to make sure they close down on NYCFC attackers. There were a few moments of too much space in the first 45 that made me a little nervous.

36th minute

And it’s Angelo again! Rodriguez makes an interception, weaves around Sean Johnson, and gets the open-est net he’ll ever get to double his tally and the lead. It’s a payoff of some aggressive attacking from United. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again: the attack looks really good tonight.

30th minute

Calvo seems to be loving life as a fullback tonight — he’s gotten forward a few times, including getting all the way down to cross to Darwin, who took five touches in the six-yard box trying to get a perfect shot off. He didn’t, but still earned a corner. The guy’s good.

20th minute

GOAL, Angelo Rodriguez!

The play was really quite textbook from the Loons. Miguel Ibarra placed a cross perfectly in between Rodriguez and the goal line — Angelo looked rather surprised that it was so well on target, but he fired a rocket of a header in, no problem.

14th minute

United’s been the better team of the opening minutes, but it’s the visitors who have had the better chances. Jo Inge Berget got a dandy look on goal for NYCFC after busting through the Loons’ backline, but fired wide. The defense will have to close down attackers if the attack is going to continue to have the freedom they’ve enjoyed thus far.

7th minute

Right off the bat, things look good for the Loons. Attackers look confident, Rasmus Schuller is getting forward, and Angelo Rodriguez is doing his job. Thiesson and Calvoeven got up the pitch a bit early on.

The key will be to solidify the back so that the attack can continue to press up the field.


We’re underway from TCF Bank Stadium. The Loons will attack towa the Wonderwall.

And the crowd is nothing to write home about...

The crowd for Minnesota v NYCFC, as seen from the press box at kickoff.


Lineups are in for both teams, and Minnesota United will be facing a New York City FC team that is far from its best. David Villa and Maxi Morales, two of the team’s highest profile players, are not in the match day squad as NYCFC closes out a three-game week.

Suspensions for Fernando Bob (red card against Portland) and Maximiano (yellow card accumulation) force some midfield changes for United as Rasmus Schuller and Collen Warner replace them in the 4-2-3-1. Jérôme Thiesson returns from injury to start at right back, Francisco Calvo bumps out to the left and Alexi Gomez slots in at left wing. Romario Ibarra, who was listed on the injury report as questionable after a hamstring injury that cut his magnificent night against the Timbers short.



Match Info:

Opponent: New York City FC (53 pts, 3rd in Eastern Conference)

Kickoff Time: 7:00p Central

TV/Radio: Fox Sports North +/1500 ESPN

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