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Review: A look around Minnesota United’s new app

The app, a partnership with VenueNext, dropped Thursday.

All the cool professional sports teams have apps, and now, so does Minnesota United.

The club released their app, called — you guessed it — Minnesota United FC in the App Store and Google Play, on Thursday. It supports both iOS and Android devices.

“Our goal with this app is to provide a door-to-door experience for fans that supplements and enhances what we know is going to be a one-of-kind game day atmosphere at Allianz Field,” said United’s CEO, Chris Wright. “Allianz Field will have so much to offer fans and this app is going to be the best way for fans to get easy access to all that it has to offer.”

Indeed, the app looks promising on the App Store, with five perfect reviews to get things rolling.

Once downloaded and opened, it does indeed live up to the hype.

Landing page

Here’s what the app looks like, as of Thursday, when you open it up. The next match is displayed at the top, followed by a newsfeed of the team’s content. In the top corner is a thumbnail of a QR code, which brings you to the app’s integration with Seatgeek. By connecting your account, you can keep your tickets for matches at Allianz Field here.

Also built-in to the landing page are the schedule, roster, standings and stats.

Another cool feature will boost the ticket buying process.

Allianz Field’s 3D view from your seat tool has been integrated. It’s small and easy to fat-finger on iPhone, but the function is nonetheless pretty cool.

Finally, there are a few other integrations as part of the app, including the team’s official store and MLS Fantasy.

Though we haven’t used the ticket function yet, we expect it to work similar to the Minnesota Vikings system, which is generally pretty slick.