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La Barra 608 Looks Forward to Big Season

Kickin’ It Over a Beer with one of the Forward Madison supporters groups

La Barra 608

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the co-founders of La Barra 608, Omar Anguiano, over some Coronas. We were there to see the announced unveiling of Christian “Pato” Diaz at the Blue Agave Restaurant here in Madison.

Why should you get to know them? For starters, as the only current Latino supporter group of Forward Madison FC, La Barra 608 is looking to bring the passion and desire of the diverse Latino community here in the Madison area. And just like Madison, La Barra welcomes all. Their supporter logo is a combination of the pink feather prominent in the Flock’s [FMFC’s first supporter group] logo as well as the blue iconography of the nearby state capital. 608? The area code of Madison. Combined, it makes for a pretty dope badge.

La Barra 608

Having played high school soccer here, it’s only natural that Omar has helped give back by coaching both at the high school level and helping with a local club.

And while talking with him, it’s clear he definitely has ideas for where he wants to see Forward Madison go. “So far,” he says, “they’ve made all the right moves.” From bringing in solid players like “Pato” and Josiel Núñez, to the outreach into the community, he feels the future looks quite pink. “I want to be a little greedy,” he admitted. “I’d love to see some players in the community. I want Paulo Jr. and [Brian] Sylvestre to succeed here and possibly stay. Maybe holding clinics for local [talent]. I want to see more local players here in the future. And when they are done playing, sticking around and being part of growing the community.”

So what does La Barra 608 consider a successful season? Competing, playoffs, a few more players, but more than that, helping bring the community together in support of a great soccer team. “Maybe an in-state cup trophy in the future, too.”

La Barra 608 wants to help make games a more welcome place for supporters with chants, tifo, smoke and more importantly, more fans. “With a large supporter group, opponents should be afraid,” he adds with a laugh. They’ll have a chance with Minnesota United (June 25th) and Liga MX’s Queretaro (July 16th) coming to Breese Stevens this season. There’s even talk of an as yet to be named team to still be announced. The better the opposition, the more intimidating the atmosphere La Barra 608 wants to create, he alludes. Through it all, La Barra 608 will be bringing the flavor that will help build Forward Madison FC for years to come... as if you needed another reason to support Forward Madison. Vamos!