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3 Q’s : MNUFC vs Chicago Fire

I spoke with Ruben from Hot Time in Old Town about this week’s matchup.

Calvo fights to win a ball during the Minnesota United home opener against the Chicago Fire
Tim C McLaughlin

I spoke with Hot Time in old Town about Francisco Calvo, the fire’s stadium and their relationship with supporters. Hear what they had to say prior to the game.

EPL: It’s been reported that the Fire may move to Soldier Field and be renamed. How do you feel about that and has there been anymore said on the situation

It’s unofficially official. The Fire will move back to

soldier field next year. (

I said it in the editorial I wrote back when the rumors

started getting serious, It is at best, a lateral move. The attendance problems

go far beyond the stadium location. It starts with putting a winning product,

something that They’ve done sparingly since Andrew Hauptman took over from AEG

in the mid 2000’s. Personally, I’m fine with the move. I live close to a CTA

rail line, so it’s less difficult for me to get to Soldier Field than Toyota


As for the renaming of the club, GM Nelson Rodriguez held a

media session Wednesday afternoon and said that there have been focus groups

done on the club identity. From what it sounds like, there could be an update

to the way the badge looks. NRod said that the goal is to make the logo more

“sporting,” whatever that means. And they want to have it look less like the

logo of the CFD or the NBC show. As someone who has a great fondness for the

logo I don’t want to see any of it changed, and I can’t imagine any logo

looking any different.

EPL: Calvo’s first meeting with his former club is coming less than two weeks after being dealt. What impact has he had on the team already and what are you hoping for in the future from him?

The short answer is not much. Yes, he did play at a bit against LAFC,

where he played fine. And He started against New England, but how much quality

film you get against the Revs is suspect at best. I will say that when he

plays, the team hasn’t given up a goal, but as you know correlation is not

causation. What I want from him is pretty straight forward. Play

consistently good defense alongside the other two center backs he’s paired

with, and not be a complete headcase in the locker room. I don’t know if either

of those things are possible, but if the Fire want to be a playoff team, that’s

what they need from him.

EPL: Chicago’s situation with supporter groups has been a headline every few months over the past two seasons. Has there been any improvement on communication between club and supporters on how to improve things? What’s the current state?

It’s still in a tenuous position, but it’s at peace for now. The supporters groups that were banned from the stadium that used to be in Section 101 are now behind the north end, the opposite side of Section 8. I’m not as plugged into the fan politics side of things, but even with that there are still lingering bad feelings, most of which seem to have to do with what’s happening on the pitch, rather than off it. Underachieving and under performing is not fun.

Bonus: prediction

Fire 2 MNUFC 1