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Minnesota United need Emanuel Reynoso and here is why!

An attacking midfielder with a knack for pinpoint passing. What else needs to be said?

Velez v Boca Juniors - Superliga 2019/20 Photo by Gustavo Garello/Jam Media/Getty Images

We all loved when new signing Louis Amarilla said in his press conference that he would score 25 goals this season. A key component of that would be a midfielder that can start the attack and find breaking players and deliver a pass to setup a goal. These are all traits of Emanuel Reynoso’s game, and why Minnesota United need him this season.

Although he only has four goals and eight assists through 77 matches with Boca, Reynoso is often the midfielder/winger that starts the attack, something that has interested the Loons. Through 17 games this season, Reynoso has appeared in 14 matches, scoring one and recording three assists, all coming in his last four matches.

He plays with a controlled aggression that can spark an attack off a turnover or break away. Reynoso is a fast player with the ability to break lines with through balls and that is apparent on World Football Index’s evaluation of him.

· When he finds himself deeper in the field it doesn’t stop him from delivering pin-point accurate passes to his teammates.

The chart below is a breakdown of Reynoso’s passing accuracy. PS% is the percentage of successful passes and shows just how accurate he is when passing.

PS%: Pass success percentage

· He often breaks lines from deep in midfield. Here are a few of Reynoso’s passes to give you an idea: (apologies for the horrible music)

· He’s able to play the central attacking midfield role, otherwise known as the No 10 spot, without any issues.

· He’s a very versatile player who is not afraid to play out wide.

· His ball control is exceptional as he uses it to his advantage, often confusing a rival player and eventually delivering a cross in search for a forward to finish.

· He has a great shot from outside the area, and he regularly tests opposition goalkeepers throughout a match.

These are just a few traits and reasons why MNUFC want Reynoso and also why Boca Juniors are in a big hurry to sell him. Considering they are sitting in second place in the Superliga, it might be awhile until a deal is reached.