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MNUFC Debuts new secondary kit

This new kit hearkens back to the days of old in the NASL

2021 MNUFC “River” Kit
Minnesota United FC/Major League Soccer

When Minnesota United FC debuted in Major League Soccer back in 2017 most people were generally not happy with the first two kits. Both kits used standard Adidas templates with nothing special. The second version of the NASL Loon Wing kit had been dropped for a grey kit with a blue sash going through it. A sash that looked all the weirder by the placement of the Target logo being mostly but not entirely in the sash. The secondary kit that season was a white kit with grey shoulder yoke and blue Adidas stripes in the shoulder area. That one being much better than the primary/home kit.

In 2018 the Loons began the typical MLS kit rotation cycle, dropping their original grey uniforms for a new set. This set would have alternating dark and light grey striping and dropping the sash. It would retain the white Target logo and the Adidas stripes on the side and was an overall improvement from the 2017 kit.

2019 saw the first change of the secondary kit since moving to Major League Soccer. The white kit was retained as was the black Target logo. The Adidas stripes were moved from the shoulder to the sides and the grey shoulder yoke was then dropped entirely. This gave the “Drift” kit a very VERY plain look. One where the joke has been about it just being a Hanes Cotton T-Shirt (which I don’t think anyone disagrees with).

Then last season, right before the pandemic really took hold we saw the long awaited reveal and return of a classic. A new version of the dearly loved Loon Wing kit. The NASL Loon Wing kit is actually a personal favourite of mine, so much so that I have both versions of it. And the new take on the old classic, while not perfect, was actually very good. An all grey kit with the large black Loon wing on it, only being interrupted by a white Target logo on the centre. The Adidas stripes were moved to the right shoulder and angled front to back.

Finally last night the Loons unveiled their secondary kits for 2021. These are again fairly plain in comparison to the Loon Wing but not in a bad way. The “River” kit is pretty close to plain blue but features an embossed pattern on the front. The “Forever United” script is back underneath the inside of the collar with the small Loon returning on the back of the kit just below the neck. The black Target logo is retained while the Adidas stripes move to the shoulder and change to black.

2021 MNUFC Secondary Kit, “River Kit”
Minnesota United FC/Major League Soccer

This combination is considered to be the best combination MNUFC has had since joining Major League Soccer. And it also hearkens back to the NASL era with both the primary and secondary kits. From 2012 to 2016 the Loons wore a Loon Wing primary and Blue secondary kit in the NASL. The only changes came when the Loon Wing kit was darkend from a light grey to a dark grey and a white third kit with a blue sash was added.

And while due to Major League Soccer’s typical rotational schedule we could see the Loon Wing disappear for 2022 it is genuinely great to see one of the best on field kit combinations back. Even if this may only be for one season.