Built On A Solid Reputation For Assisted Living In Fayetteville

Preserving the well-being of our residents has always been the hallmark of The Carolina Inn, Senior Apartments in North Carolina. It’s how we’ve upheld a legacy of unparalleled senior care for more than 20 years. Today, as seniors face health challenges as never before, we continue to put your loved ones’ needs—and safety—first in thoughtful and innovative ways. Beyond establishing protocols to protect our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, we create customized programs to encourage independence and help them maintain their dignity. Dedicated caregivers…available 24 hours to ensure consistent support…treat everyone like family. Nowhere else will you find the charm and service of a boutique hotel, the comforts of home, and round-the-clock care that exceeds your expectations—all in the heart of the historic and patriotic city you love.

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