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I grew up in what might best be described as a soccer desert. In the 80’s I survived off the crumbs of Soccer Made in Germany – a PBS slot that aired week-old Bundesliga games on Saturday afternoons. In 1996, it was ruled upon high that we should hereafter be blessed with the MLS, and there was much rejoicing. Then, in 2016, the powers that be said let there be an MLS team in Minnesota, and angels sang. My aim is to write about Minnesota United from the perspective of an obsessive fan, both in the flesh at the point of contact, and within the already fragile psyche of the Minnesota sports fan. When I am not writing about soccer, I teach high school English in Saint Paul.

MNUFC Offseason Roster Series Part IV: Wingers

Part four in a series examining the Minnesota United roster position by position

MNUFC Offseason Roster Series Part III: Center Backs

Part 3 in a series examining the Minnesota United Roster position by position

Report: MNUFC to Acquire Harrison Heath from Atlanta

Atlanta parts with midfielder for a fourth round pick

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The Perilous Search for a Real Number Ten

Can MNUFC find the player of our dreams this offseason?

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MNUFC’s recent road success gives fans reason to hope

Report: Loons Expected to Re-Sign Burch Through 2018

The MLS veteran could be back by late August

Welcome to Loons 3.0

How much will the summer transfer window help Minnesota?

Are You Suffering from MNUFC Withdrawal?

Five treatment plans guaranteed to help you hold it together until game day next weekend