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Soccer started out for me by playing on youth teams as I grew up in Wisconsin. The ‘94 World Cup and emergence of MLS kept my fascination for the game. With no local club to latch onto I began to follow Newcastle United for about the last 20 years. As a transplant to Saint Paul, Minnesota based soccer first came to me by way of watching Thunder games at James Griffin Stadium. Interesting to see that in 2019 it will all come full circle back to that neighborhood as Loons take to their new home just on the other side of the highway at Allianz Field. The Bundesliga also captures my attention from time to time with a focus on Werder Bremen. I enjoy photographing just about anything but especially architecture, live music, sports and wildlife. Some of my favorite pastimes are traveling this great state and beyond in search of craft beer and camping sites which by default lends itself to more photographic opportunities.