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I grew up in a small town in Southern Minnesota and as soon as I could walk, I was playing soccer. My first soccer love was Arsenal and it was a dream to see Thierry Henry play a few years ago in New York. I grew up in the era of the Minnesota Thunder, but my Minnesota Soccer passion did not come until I left Minnesota for college. Now that I call Kansas City home I have to channel my inner Minnesotan by covering the Loons for E Pluribus Loonum.

New York sides offer Loons glimpse into fate of changing managers

Change at the top offers no guarantee of success for teams in transition.

Battle of the Birds: MNUFC vs NYCFC

MNUFC’s depth will be tested tonight against NYCFC

Bona Fide or Bargaining Chips?

Boom or bust? Starter or squalor? What does the expansion draft really offer?

Loons find new ways to disappoint in DC

MNUFC took the lead, but crumpled late as DC claims all 3 points

Where Are They Now: Stefano Pinho

Pinho really likes Florida and NASL, apparently.

Where are they now: Mo Saeid

Here one minute, gone the next

Bobbing for Apples

Where does Fernando Bob fit in with the Loons?

Where are they now: Alvin Jones

His name is still a four-letter-word in some USMNT circles.

I-35 Derby ends in sadness for Route 1 Loons

Costly errors and bad finishing cost MNUFC precious point on the road

Where are they now: Chris Duvall

"I’ll be right back," he said as he walked out the door.