Ibarra's Goal Makes SportsCenter Top 10 plays


The Venegas to Ibarra double diving header goal made its way onto SportsCenter's Top Ten plays last night/this morning. *loon noise*

Why Would adidas Do This to the Logo?


Adidas took the best logo in MLS, covered it up and decided that was something people wanted to see on a shirt? Bold move.

Brent Kallman's MLS Roster Pic is...Something


It looks like MLS found Kallman's roster pic from Creighton from 2011 after Googling his name and photoshopped the new kit onto it. You can find his real roster picture on Minnesota United's website. Looking through the MNUFC roster page on, it appears that most of the players' pics are their MNUFC roster pic, while some are the first Google image result they could find (ex: Alvbage, Thiesson ).'s Frontpage MNU Story


Apparently it's going to be cold, and that's meaningful, so...not much new news here, but it's fun to see some Loons on's main page.

Superman on Extra Time Radio/Podcast


In case you don't catch Extra Time on satellite radio or subscribe to the podcast, this episode featuring Ramirez is one you'll want to listen to.

US Open Cup Format & Timeline


I'm not entirely sure why Mpls City is DQ'd for switching leagues while MN United is not...anyone know?

TCF Bank Stadium Dimensions


MNUFC appears to have the thinnest(skinniest? Narrowest?) field in MLS (same width as NYCFC at Yankee Stadium). 70 yards wide by 120 yards long (full length). You can find the rest of the league's field dimensions at the link.

More Minnesota Kicks Gear


More options for Minnesota Kicks jerseys (aka larger than size small). h/t Siems for finding this, but being too lazy to share it.

Minnesota Kicks Jersey For Sale


Not pleased with Minnesota United's new kit? Snag a Minnesota Kicks jersey (size small)