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WPSL Wrap Up : Week 2

Week 2 was full of blowouts, but how will Week 3 shape up?


Chicago Red Stars Reserves vs Dakota Fusion FC

At this point in their opening season, it is difficult to tell whether Dakota Fusion are as bad as the scorelines of their matches, or they are outmatched against better drilled sides. For the third match in a row, the North Dakotans were shut out on the road, with a 8-0 scoreline the eventual result.


Chicago City SC vs Minnesota TwinStars FC

Chicago City SC would make their debut in their inaugural season from Loyola University’s Hoyne Field in Chicago, IL. TwinStars on the other hand, already having a win on the season, were looking to be the first team in the conference with two wins. City wouldn't let that happen as in the first half Katie Hoefgen scored the only goal of match which would give CCSC a 1-0 win.


Chicago Red Stars Reserves vs Minnesota TwinStars FC

The hosting Red Stars Reserves came in off a full days rest after beating Dakota Fusion FC 8-0. TwinStars on the other hand came off a close game the previous night against CCSC. Red Stars Reserves proved that Friday night wasn't a fluke, beating TwinStars a reported 11-0.

Chicago City SC vs Dakota Fusion FC

The change of venue from the suburbs of Chicago to the city produced no change in circumstance for Dakota Fusion, with their fellow expansion side City notching goals from a variety of different players on their way to a 9-0 drubbing.

After the first two weeks of action Chicago City and Red Stars Reserves are tied at 6 points with Fire 98 not trailing too far behind with 4 points, all three clubs have played two games.

WPSL North Standings: Week 2

Team Record Points
Team Record Points
Chicago City SC 2-0-0 6
Chicago Red Stars Reserves 2-0-0 6
Fire 98 SC 1-0-1 4
Minnesota TwinStars FC 1-3-0 3
Milwaukee Torrent 0-0-1 1
Dakota Fusion FC 0-4-0 0

Week 3 Schedule*:


Chicago Red Stars Reserves vs Milwaukee Torrent

Red Stars Reserves will look to continue their dominance over the North Conference with a Wednesday night match against Milwaukee. The Torrent will play only their second WPSL match having drawn their last one in St. Paul against Fire 98.


Chicago City SC vs Fire SC 98

Both of these teams come into this match as first year expansion clubs sitting at or near the top of the table. This is Fire 98’s first road trip of the season and the first game of a two game road set, but after the drubbing CCSC gave Dakota Fusion, they’ll want to remain competitive and try and come out with at least one point. CCSC will move to a different home field than last time as this game will be played from DePaul University’s Wish Field. Chicago City will want to prove that their combined 9 goals from last week wasn't a fluke.


Dakota Fusion FC vs Chicago Red Stars Reserves

Having begun their life in WPSL with four straight losses and three straight shutouts, all on the road, Fusion head home for a home stand of 6 games out of the next 7 - beginning with the return game against RSR. With the WPSL season rosters allowing unlimited addition, Fusion are hoping that D1 additions will allow them to be competitive at home than they were away.


Milwaukee Torrent vs Fire SC 98

Milwaukee’s inaugural season started off with a draw in St. Paul against Fire 98 back in Week 1. Torrent will look to take 3 point as they play their first ever home match. Fire 98 will look to get another set of points in their second game of a two game road series.

*For exact kickoff times, locations, and tickets, visit the websites of the home club, which can be found by clicking the bolded team.