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Minnesota Fall Cup Fallout: Matchday 1

Local Soccer, albeit in a smaller way kicked off this week.

For local soccer 2020 has been a nightmare. Both the NPSL and WPSL cancelled their seasons as did the UPSL. Other leagues with teams in the area, USL League Two and the newly formed Midwest Premier League, also cancelled their seasons. This has left a lacking of local matches this season, but the Goals Minnesota Cup back in July and the new Minnesota Fall Cup changed that. We spoke to Turbo Sports MN about the tournament.

E Pluribus Loonum: When did the planning on the Fall Cup start?

Turbo Sports MN: I believe the planning for the fall cup started towards the end of July after the last tournament.

EPL: Who’s idea was the fall cup?

TSMN: It was a joint idea of both FC Minneapolis and Granite City FC to my knowledge who came together host it.

EPL: Do you expect the fall cup to become an annual tournament or lead to anything else in the future? (Such as MN based league etc)

TSMN: I would hope so because it’s been fun and good competition so I’m sure they are envisioning the tournament to be an annual event after the regular season of the UPSL. The tournament currently has five teams but I’m sure going forward there will be plans to include more premier teams in the Region moving forward.

Back in early August, Vlora FC fell to the MapleBrook 58ers in the GOALS Minnesota Cup final on PK’s in Maple Grove. This time rather than 6 teams the fall cup only has 5. Four of the five are teams who competed back in July, only Rock City FC and the MapleBrook 58ers did not return for the second round. In their place is Minneapolis International competing as the 5th team.

The Fall Cup will run as a single round robin and began with Matchday 1 on August 16th. Matchday 2 will be this Sunday the 23rd. Matchday 3 will be the following week on August 30th. Matchdays 4 and 5 will be held on September 6th and 13th respectively with the Semi-Finals on the 16th and Final on the 20th.

The opening night of the Minnesota Fall Cup saw Turbo Sports face Minneapolis International and Vlora FC play FC Minneapolis. Granite City FC got the bye this weekend. Here were the scores from that weekend of play.

Turbo Sports 4, Minneapolis International 3
Vlora FC 3, Minneapolis International 2

On the 23rd FC Minneapolis will face Granite City FC. Unfortunately only FC Minneapolis, Granite City FC, and Turbo Sports have matchday schedules out. But based on the round robin format the second match (if there is one) would be Vlora FC vs Minneapolis International as Turbo Sports has the bye this week.

Stay with E Pluribus Loonum as we keep you updated every week on the progress of the Minnesota Fall Cup between these four clubs!