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Notebook: Another set of points lost

Saturday afternoon seemed eerily similar to Tuesday night

August 21, 2021 - Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States - Sporting KC goalkeeper Tim Melia (29) pushes Minnesota United forward Adrien Hunou (23) off the ball during the match at Allianz Field. (Photo by Seth Steffenhagen/Steffenhagen Photography)

On Saturday afternoon Minnesota United had the perfect opportunity to take home three points as Sporting Kansas City went down a man just 20 minutes in, very similar to the Loons match against the San Jose Earthquakes on Tuesday night. However MNUFC were unable to do anything with that advantage, ending a week with two points out of a possible nine. Something that Adrian Heath talked about post match on Saturday afternoon.

“Well, I look at the week and Galaxy, San Jose and this game… should be sitting on maybe seven points if you look at it logically, opportunities we’ve had. Chances compared with the opposition. Possession we’ve had. Crosses. Corners. Every stat you want to think of, we’ve been miles ahead of everybody in all the games. So, to only get two points is very disappointing and, it’s not like we haven’t had opportunities again to win the game. Goals change games. I say it every week. And had we scored first half – a couple of opportunities – it changes the course of the game, the way that they defend and the way that they play. But, all ifs and buts. The bottom line is we got two points out of nine, and we should have got minimum six maybe, seven. So, there you go.”

A large issue with this is the lack of goalscoring, while MNUFC have piled on the shots, they have consistently had trouble finishing. And with their top scorer, Robin Lod, being out due to injury right now. Another issue Heath addressed post match.

“It is. Because it’s not like we aren’t creating. As a coach, it’s worse when you go, how many chances have we created, or how many shots have we had? Every game we’ve had opportunities. So, that’s the disappointing thing. And, you know, I’ve just said it. The goals change the whole complex of games. When we’re on top, at this moment in time, which, we’ve been again today for large periods, we haven’t been able to capitalize on an opportunity that then changes the course of the game. Changes the course of the way the opposition have to defend. If they want to get something from the game. And, you know, unfortunately, at this moment in time, it’s not going for us.”

Michael Boxall also made his opinion’s know as well.

“It’s frustrating but I know the guys are working hard and it’s never easy when you’re dealing with injuries and players out. Yes, squad is a little bit depleted, especially the players that we’ve kind of counted on for goals in the first half of the season. We just got to keep working and keep finding a way. We’re still very much going on a little run, we push ourselves up the table when we want to be hosting a playoff game so that’s still our mindset and we just need to keep working away.”

Minnesota United had an extremely disappointing run of three matches, coming out with just two points when seven we’re realistically possible. Something Michael Boxall mentioned.

“I think given the circumstances in San Jose when you’re up a man for that amount of time, and then certainly for the same for today I think we need to do a lot better, especially at home, especially today against Kansas City. They defended well in numbers. [Tim] Melia made some big saves, but I still think it’s on us. We need to do a little more and finish our chances, me included.

At this point the question is whether or not Minnesota will bring in tactical changes or attempt to bring in a new player. Something Heath was asked, where he stated.

“We’re talking, like four or five clubs are. It looks like the same players are being offered to every club. And, obviously, it’s just going to be a case of if we think something can come and help us for the sort of last third of the season.”